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I had uni for the first time the other day and it was quite delicious


"Renegade’s funeral", from the Bikeriders Series by Danny Lyon, Detroit, Michigan, 1965

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The vicious depravity of Historical Capital Punishment. Here are some of the most brutal methods of Criminal Execution there ever were in the written History of Man.

Death by Boiling- A very cruel method of execution, used in several parts of Europe and Asia throughout history. Depending on the severity of the crime, and the intended cruelty of the punishment, the liquid would either be heated before or after the victim became submerged head-first into the liquid.

Flaying- An ancient practice inflicted on Criminals, captured enemy Soldiers, and those thought to be Witches during the Middle Ages. Flaying involves removing the skin from the body from the still living condemned. Typically the skin would be nailed to a wall after the execution, as a warning to others against breaking the law.

Disembowelment- One of the more severe forms of punishment, disembowelment was commonly practiced on Thieves and Adulterers. Some or all of the vital organs were slowly removed one by one through a large gash in the Abdomen. Later in Medieval times this same practice was altered to involve small starving animals being inserted into the opening to devour the victims organs from the inside.

Impalement- Practiced amongst the Romans, Chinese, Greeks and Turks, and also used in Asia and Europe in the Middle Ages. The victim was pierced through the Rectum, Vagina, through the side, or even the mouth by a large petal pike, which was placed vertically above an open grave. The victim would be left for days to slide down the pike through their open wounds into their awaiting grave.

Death by Crushing-This method was used in the common legal system, and has an extensive history, with many varying elements. Some methods had the victim crushed beneath the foot of an Elephant, which was commonly done in South-East Asia for over 4000 years. In another variation, the victim was pressed beneath massive boulders, and left to suffocate to death.

Sawing- This gruesome method was used in the Roman Empire, Europe and some parts in Asia. The Victim would be strung upside down with their legs separated and tied to posts. The Executioner would begin to saw the victim in half beginning at the Groin. Being upside down, the victim received enough blood supply to the brain to remain conscious throughout the procedure.

Death by a Thousand Cuts- This punishment was fairly commonplace in China around 900 AD. The condemned person was killed over the course of days or weeks by slowly having parts of their body sliced off. This was a public execution to warn onlookers against committing crimes. The victim would sometimes be given Opium to prevent the loss of consciousness.

Sorry for the gruesome subject matter so early in the morning..I spent all night watching Documentaries

It’s pretty hard to imagine, living in this day and age, that throughout history, the Legal Systems in place found these methods of punishment justified for crimes such as Thievery, Adultery, and the like.

This torture device, called The Pear of Anguish, would be used on women who had abortions, homosexuals, and liars. The pear would be inserted into various orifices depending on what the person did. It would go into a woman’s vagina, the anus of someone who was homosexual, or the mouth of a liar. The person using the device would then turn the screw ontop, which would then “spread open” the blades causing the skin to either tear open or completely stretch out. The device could also break jawbones.

"… and I never tire of listening to her, and I never tire of thinking about her. And thinking of her, my mind grows wistful."

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im tired of school i wanna quit but its for my future. tough life.

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Member of the Auxiliary Fire Service kissing a lady under the mistletoe, while wearing gas masks - London, World War II