Roland Topor, Les Masochistes, 1960.

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A.O. Spare

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Alexander Berkman’s dagger, used in conjunction with a pistol in assassination attempt on Henry Clay Frick in Pittsburgh, during the Homestead strike of 1892 [on display at Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, PA]


Pike Place looking south, 1919 by Seattle Municipal Archives


Gaza Strip

Palestinian women plead with an IDF soldier to leave their territory and leave their men and boys alone.

The women were complaining about the arrest and mistreatment of stone-throwing Palestinian youths. It  became official policy, during this period, for the occupying forces to break the arm and leg bones of any youth caught throwing stones at military personnel. 

Gaza Strip1988

*The image is a blow-up of a contact print. I don’t have access to my original negatives.


Ludovic Alleaume (1859-1941) - Incantation

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