Artist: Zior
Track: Entrance Of The Devil
Album: Every Inch A Man
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Zior - Entrance Of The Devil


im gonna be selling these soon, like staying safe is important, but why not be fashionable at the same time

Ebola is scary, keep yourself stylish and safe for the haze thats who need a hazemat!


Posters warning of the Ebola outbreak, Kinshasa, Zaire, 1995. Photo by Stuart Franklin/Magnum.


is this not me

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Toshirō Mifune as Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai, aka 七人の侍 (1954)

"Toxic masculinity hurts men, but there’s a big difference between women dealing with the constant threat of being raped, beaten, and killed by the men in their lives, and men not being able to cry."

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so bored, so boring


Detroit, date unknown